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Frequently Asked Questions

Is all of your business in Boulder, Colorado?  Do you accept out of state clients?

While many of Royce Arbour's clients are nearby, we do accept out of state engagements and are always available to discuss their feasibility. Past engagements have taken our consultants all over the Rocky Mountain region. Travel costs are quite reasonable for adjoining states and coastal states. Coaching clients can be well served with e-mail and phone contact.

What more can you tell me about 360 feedback?
360 feedback is a high-value alternative to performance evaluations from your boss alone. Picture yourself at the center of a circle of your company peers, subordinates and superiors, your clients and customers, your vendors and suppliers, and so on. You get feedback from all 360 degrees of the circle centered on you. A "360" offers confidential high-quality insights into the nature of your interactions with others. It helps you clearly see yourself as all these others see you. As you undertake professional development activities, repeating your "360" offers ongoing feedback from observers of your progress.

How do I know if I would be a good candidate for Executive Coaching?
Are you an executive or senior manager?
An executive has significant responsibility for organizational results in the work setting. Royce Arbour's executive coaching focuses in the work arena.

Does your organization need results from your effort?
An executive coach's insights, experiences, suggestions, and tips may help you over the humps more quickly and easily than working the problems on your own. The approaches, techniques, and illumination allow you to resolve the problems, deal with the difficulties and dramatically improve results.

Does talking with another person often help you to clarify and crystallize your thinking?
Executive coaching is an approach to personal development and learning. An executive coach is a confidential and supportive mentor whose interest is in your success and in your achieving organizational results. An executive coach can help you see what you are dealing with from other perspectives. "Two heads are better than one!"

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