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Pearls of Wisdoms

"Pearls of Wisdoms" is what Principal Consultant Terry Carleton calls these pithy little nuggets.

Every time we come back to them, they make us reflect all over again on what we can learn from them. We trust they'll "make you think" or -- at the very least -- "make you look."

Let us hear from you about how you like them and what they mean to you. Email us at

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Diana Smith's article "10 Best Marketing Secrets for Business Success" will appear in the April 2002 Issue of The Broomfield News Magazine, volume 1, issue 3.

There's a very valuable distinction here:
The Golden Rule:
Do unto others
as you would have others
do unto you
The Platinum Rule:
Do unto others
as others would have you
do unto them

In any situation, you have 3 basic choices:
  • Live with it.
  • Leave it.
  • Try to change it.

Add "Uncle Sam" to your "Emot-icon" Dictionary. =/:-)-
Storytelling as Knowledge Management

"The term "Knowledge Management" comes out of the high-tech sector of the economy.

"Knowledge" has been "managed" for all the thousands of centuries there have been human communities. We and our distant ancestors use not only the most effective, but also clearly the most beguiling way, to manage knowledge.

We tell stories..."

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