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Presentations & Trainings

Royce Arbour training aims at conveying capability to get Learning Results. We build participant capability through all three levels of competence -The total cure for "UNconscious INcompetence." Shorter training presentations convey capability one level at a time.

  1. Build conceptual-level understanding. We welcome training engagements to develop Customized Training.

  2. Complete an action and see the desired result to achieve "Conscious Competence."

  3. Identify alternatives, trouble-shoot problems, find an effective shortcut - the desired Learning Results.

Royce Arbour's Current Training Sessions

  • Straight Talk and Positive Intent
  • Interpersonal Communication and Workplace Roles
  • Giving and Accepting Work Assignments
  • The Decision-Making Continuum
  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • Managing: What it is, What it's not
  • Managing the Ultimate Resource: People
  • Boss Management
  • How You Budget Time
  • The Art of the Interview
  • Connecting Pay to Performance
  • How to Keep Down the High Cost of Turnover
  • Decision Making by Consensus: How to Build the Links
  • Meetings as Managers' Natural Setting
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • Selling a Feeling of Comfort
  • Small Business Marketing
  • Effective Marketing:
    Cheap! Cheaper!! Cheapest!!!
  • The Portable Guide to Retail Selling
  • How to Expo
  • How to Present a Brown-Bag Lunch
  • How to Set Your Consultant Rates
  • "Business After Hours"
  • How to Network
  • The Art of Business Small Talk
  • Corporate Storytelling
  • How to Say "NO"
  • Delivering Difficult Messages
  • On the Front Line: The Business Function of Reception/Customer Contact
  • Team Building

Royce Arbour's Training Approach
Our training presentations employ experiential learning, participant materials, practice,
peer support and coaching for Learning Results. Click here for a downloadable two-page exposition of these points.

  • We expect successful behavioral change in every participant.
  • We make people, and people's minds, move.
  • We rely on behavior modeling and the group process.
  • We use humor.
  • We employ role plays.
  • We coach participants.
  • We give out the notes participants must have.
  • We document the sessions.
  • We teach "in the round."
  • We feed people.

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