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Executive Coaching

Coaches help executives to learn techniques, choose the right performance aids,
and practice to enhance their skills and build staying power.

Executives have used coaching to help them get results in such situations as:

  • Acting CEO assignment
  • Starting a new job
  • Personal career development
  • Allegations of harassment
  • Negative performance evaluation
  • Responding to boards of directors
  • Handling right-sizing
  • Reorganization challenges
  • Interpersonal difficulties

Coaching is both art and science. Ideally, the coach can work with individual executives and with the team. The coach's job is to:

  • Analyze team members' performance
  • Provide feedback
  • Project the effectiveness of actions
  • Demonstrate ways to improve
  • Direct attention to wasted motion
  • Introduce training techniques
  • Develop performance strategies
  • Guide work planning and implementation
  • Recognize successes
Like elite athletes on an Olympic team, executives know it is the combined performance of the team that counts. Some team skills -- like exchanging the baton -- work best when practiced in cooperation. Each executive must learn some techniques to perform on their own -- like a racer's kick to the finish. Relay teams need a coach to win races, even though the coach won't set foot on the track.
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