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Partnering & Sponsorships

    Hands-On Help Leads to the Results You Need
  • Partners
  • Sponsors
  • Proposals
  • Donors
  • Choices
  • Positioning for New Funding
  • Sponsor and Donor Dollars
Royce Arbour, Inc. Builds Alliances
Royce Arbour, Inc. can provide any or all these elements for our clients, funding groups and partnerships.
  • Sponsorship Policy and Guidelines
  • Sponsorship Plan
  • Sponsorship Solicitation Materials
  • Charitable Contribution Plans
  • Contribution Solicitation Materials
  • Publicity Resources for Sponsors
  • Coaching for Sponsors
  • Donor Management
  • Fulfillment Assistance
  • Partnering Policy
  • Partnership Guidelines
  • Partnership Formulation
  • Partnered Project Development
  • Partnered Project Review
  • Policy-level Approvals
  • Strategic Partnership Management

You just never know. . . so, our eyes are always open to see. . . .

    Who Can Help a Project Along -
  • How willing they may be to work on a project
  • What information they can share that will save our clients' time and money
  • Who they know and how to engage their attention.
    Who Can Hamper Project Efforts -
  • What they know that's relevant
  • What information they lack and need
  • What may turn them into strategic allies

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